Spotlight – 60 Minutes With Bruno Laranjeiro

Spotlight - 60 Minutes With Bruno Laranjeiro Travellanda

Bruno Laranjeiro, Director and Co-Founder, discusses the year 2016 for the business. Including the new Travellanda Fund, the recent appointment of a GSA in Myanmar as well as what the future holds for the bed bank.

Since the inception of Travellanda 7 years ago we’ve seen significant improvement and 2016 has been no different. In fact it has been a fantastic year. We saw a 30% increase in the number of travel agencies, B2B and OTA’s using our system but the most interesting element has been the turnover. We’ve seen a 55.8% growth in 2016 with a total turnover of 64 million USD. The truly interesting part is that we’ve sold nearly as much in the last twelve months than we sold during the first six years of the business combined. This is an incredible achievement and we are so proud of our staff and loyal partners.

The growth is partly due to the success of the distributions of our hotels via our XML feed. In 2016 there was such an interest from key global and regional OTA’s as well as large B2B systems. In particular, the Travellanda XML feed was very popular and 2017 looks to be an even better year for us with some of the top tier leaders in the industry joining us in the coming months. We now offer over 200,000 hotels in 200 different countries. Today, 64% of travellers will check into a hotel in Europe, 19% in North America, 10% in Asia Pacific region and the remainder in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

“We’ve seen a 55.8% growth in 2016 with a total turnover of 64 million USD.”

July 2016 saw us launch what we’ve called the Travellanda Fund. A programme designed for either start-up companies or established tour operators who want to make the transition to an online travel business. The motivation behind the creation of this fund was the frustration of seeing so much talent around the world suffer because of limited access or knowledge of technology. We wanted to invest in the best people by helping them through the process, giving them business advice, marketing assistance, market intelligence and the technological insight. In essence a short-cut of sorts. All without these businesses taking a financial risk.

We received over 100 applications and Main Fong proved to be the most motivated and organised. They shared the same vision as us which was an extremely important part in our decision making. Funnily enough once we gave them the system and resources their bookings started flooding in day after day. It turns out they never needed our business advice, marketing assistance or market intelligence. We were taken by surprise. It proved to be another learning process for us. Main Fong have mastered their market and I would not be surprised if in 2017 Travellanda becomes the leading online B2B hotel system in Myanmar.

We are actively working with various Asia Pacific countries and shall continue to consolidate 12 key countries. In 2017 we will be opening new markets to boost our activity in those areas. You can expect to see Travellanda GSA’s in Vietnam, Cambodia and Lao. As well as continuing to push our presence directly in Korea, Japan and Indonesia. For the first time ever we will exhibit in Australia!

Travellanda will also see a lot of development in the technology sector in order to truly offer a unique and optimum experience to our customers present and future. One great development is our new website which is set to launch soon. We shall be implementing reviews as well as customer ratings to help agencies select the top hotels as enhanced filters and search options. Another IT development shall be the mobile version of our system which is currently being worked on. Usually only OTA’s have access to this but we believe that even a B2B, like us, should have this function as our agencies can book anywhere at any time.

Among other upgrades to our services customers will now be better serviced with a newly opened Quality Assurance department with a live chat and satisfaction box allowing clients to send messages at any time to our reservation and QA manager. We are working on really stepping up our game and improving efficacy at Travellanda.

This year is jam packed with projects and marketing presence with a forecast of an even bigger growth in Asia as a travel destination with our percentage of check-ins doubling. This year shall see us recruit over 10 new talents to support our growth and development. Our team will be exhibiting in eight trade shows all over the world and our sales team will go to thirty different countries this year. We invite you to follow us on social media to keep up to date with further news as well as the amazing content we have to share.

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