United Kingdom: Travel Guide


1442323963_question Did you know that:

  • UK is the nation where the accent of its inhabitants change every 40 km
  • In some countries there are more English-speakers than in the whole of the UK
  • Queen Elizabeth II does not own a UK passport as it is issued in her name
  • A UK passport holder does not require a visa for currently 173 countries, making one an international VIP


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UK Regions Map

Major Cities

London, Manchester, Liverpool, York, Leeds

Culture / customes

This culture is another famous throughout the globe. Drinking tea and eating fish and chips? There is a lot more than that.

Four countries make up the UK: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Each of those coutries have their own identity.

The true story about Guy Fawks.

The Queen has two birthdays.

Visa for a short term stay

Types: Visitor Visa, Visas for Studying in the UK, Business Visitor Visa, Visas Allowing for Work in the UK, Settlement Visa, Transit Visa

Special attributes / uniqueness

Banking, finance, steel, transport equipment, oil and gas and tourism are the main industries of the UK, this includes:

Mining, renewable and non-renewable energy sources, and agriculture.

The channel tunnel from Dover to Calais connecting the UK to mainland Europe.

The Britsh Isles is made up of numerous islands, the biggest one being Great Britain itself.

National Festivals

  • Burn’s Night
  • April Fool’s Day
  • Remembrance Day
  • The Queen’s Birthday
  • St. Patrick’s Day


The Pound Sterling ( Symbol : £ / Code : GBP ) is the official currency of United Kingdom.

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