Japan: Travel Guide


Did you know?

The longest active monarchy is in Japan

Japan is nicknamed the “Land of the Rising Sun” inspired from the Nippon meaning “Sun Origin”

Over 70% of Japan is covered with mountainous terrain and more than 200 active an inactive volcanoes

Japan frequntly experiences acid rain due to the gases from the numerious power plants



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Regions of Japan

Regions of Japan

Major Cities

Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka


Kuril Islands

Kuril Islands

Culture / customes

6,852 islands make up the country of Japan

Japan is the only nation in the world with a reigning emperor as a symbol of the Japanese tradition

The Japanese cuisine has become one of the most famous throughout the world, particularly the former street food, Sushi

Japan is currently the technological world leader focusing on robotics, with the latest humanoid ASIMO

Visa for a short term stay

General visa types: Diplomatic Visa, Official Visa, Working Visa, Temporary Visa, Transit Visa, General Visa, Specified Visa

Special attributes / uniqueness

The active volcano, Mount Fuji, is Japan’s highest point up to 3,776 metres

Well known companies such as Toyota, Honda, Sony, Nintendo, Canon, Panasonic, Toshiba, and Sharp all come from Japan

Japan’s cities are filled with unique cafes where customers can play with puppies and kittens

The Japanese “bullet train” Maglev is the fastest in the world with a top speed of 541 km/h

National Festivals

  • Sapporo Snow Festival
  • Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival
  • Aomori Nebata Festival
  • Japanese Floating Lantern Festival
  • Cherry Blossom Festival


Japanese “Yen”

Current weather

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British Embassy: (addresses in major cities)



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