China: Travel Guide


Did you Know?

  • Since 2009 the social media giants Facebook and Twitter along with the New York Times have been blocked still with over 100 million active Facebook users
  • China has combined its 5 time zones meaning in specific areas of China, sunrise will occur at 10 am, resulting in its citizens keeping their own ‘unofficial’ time
  • The Chinese construction development is so rapid that a skyscraper is built every week. This growth means that China has officially a bigger economy than the US since 2014


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Major Cities

Beijing, Shangai, Hong Kong

Culture / customes

The well-known Fortune Cookies do not belong to the Chinese customs.

Learning Chinese is known to be one of the most difficult in the world, however it is one of the few languages using thousands of symbols represent a vocal sound. It also does not hold any grammar rules

Tipping in China has actually become more popular with the younger employees today but tipping older employees is as good as an insult. Its sufficient to leave just a few cions.

The modern capital of China, Beijing, was previously known as Peking. Beijing today is the Mandarian translation for ‘Northern Capital’.

Visa for a short term stay

Visas for China are referred to as “C visa” or “X visa”. Each letter stands for the specific purposes for entering the country: C (chuányuán = crew), L (lǎowài = foreigner, tourist), X (xuéshēng = student), J (jìzhě = journalist), G (guòjìng = transit), etc.

To facilitate all travellers with a long flight overlay, the Chinese government has recently enforced a 72-Hour Visa Free Transit policy was put into action and is available for multiple cities (at the moment 15 cities).

Special Attributes / Uniqueness

The nations lucky colour is red. Check out China’s Official Blog

The rapid growth of international companies in China is changing the face of the earth and the view on chinese economics.

China’s stock market can behave very different from time to time compared to other countries.

When purchasing stocks in China, you basically finance the government. 80% of the stocks in Shanghai are government owned.

National Festivals

  • Chinese New Year
  • Dragon Boat Festival
  • Mid Autumn Festival
  • Lantern Festival
  • Shoton Festival

Current weather

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British Embassy: (addresses in major cities)

Sail-Boat - Hong-Kong-harbour

Sail-Boat – Hong-Kong-harbour

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