Cape of Good Hope


Cape town (also referred as the ‘Tavern of the seas’) is a city that measures up to many other major international cities such as London, Buenos Aires, and San Francisco.

The Stadium which can be seen in many aerial photos was constructed just in time for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

This is a city where many history entries will be written in respect to sports, medical and political matters.


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Best Time to go

From March to May and periods September to November are perfect times to visit regarding comfortable weather, crowds and low rates, however the most popular times to visit among tourists is during the hot summer months and also the most expensive.

It is important before planning any journey that the seasons in the southern hemisphere are reversed.

Why visit Cape Town?

The facts speak for themselves… Cape Town lies on an ideal location, providing visitors with the most beautiful mountain scenery, beaches, harbours and parks all in one place.

To get a view from Table Mountain, no climbing or hiking is necessary as visitors can easily take the cable car all the way where you have always wanted to be.

At Boulders Beach you will find that it is home to more than 3000 penguins with a backdrop of clear blue sea water.

CNN World calls Cape Town one of the ten most loved cities in the World

Top Sights in Cape Town

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