Revolutionising the Travel Industry Starts with Tech

The travel tech hackathon

As we all know, the Travel industry is fast moving and massively technologically advanced compared to most other industries. It’s a saturated and mainly low margin industry, so when major companies such as Google decide to step in with products like their Hotel Price ads, it tends to shake things up a bit. That’s why it is critical to stay ahead of the game and keep innovating.

The latest trend when it comes to developing new technology is to hold hackathons. They are very fun and engaging events jam packed with talented developers, designers and entrepreneurs. Hackathons are a great method of finding solutions to problems, driving innovation and also fantastic for sourcing new talent.

We were recently invited to attend ‘The Take Off Hackathon’ in London, many thanks to our good friends at lowcostholidays who asked us to drop by. Francesco De Marchis, CTO of lowcostholidays was the brains behind organising the event. He and his team did an amazing job as from what we could make out, it looked to be a very successful event.

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Francesco is clearly extremely passionate about both technology and the travel industry and his enthusiasm is infectious. “Travel still has massive potential…” he said during his opening speech and we at Travellanda couldn’t agree more.

It was truly an honour to be there, witnessing such dedicated people fiercely hacking away, all sharing the dream to revolutionise the travel industry. It was a travel themed hackathon and the hackers were presented with several challenges faced within the industry. Of which they had to select one challenge and develop a full working prototype within 48 hours.

The five challenges provided were ‘Many Happy Returns’, ‘Genius in a Budget’, ‘The Personal Touch’, ‘The Red Carpet Experience’ and ‘Connecting the Crowd’. Click on the images below to read each description. All the challenges at the hackathon are current and are needed to help improve the industry. Hackers were given just two days to develop their prototype, at the end of which they were judged on 5 aspects of the product and were scored out of 50.

Connecting the Crowd - Travel Tech

Genius in a budget - Travel Tech cialis 10 mg

Many happy Returns - Travel Tech

The personal touch - Travel Tech buy viagra generic

The Red Carpet Experience - Travel Tech








The expectations of the consumer is forever increasing to dizzying heights so it is imperative that we all do our best to drive innovation in the industry. The Travellanda team raises its hats to Francesco De Marchis and lowcostholidays team for pulling off such a fun filled event and we all look forward to seeing future developments that may come out from this hackathon.

The Travellanda team are truly passionate for travel tech and are constantly striving to improve technology in the industry. Travellanda is always looking for fresh ideas and are on the lookout for new talent. Potential candidates can email their profile to

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