Maing Fong is Awarded the Travellanda Business Fund

Maing Fong is Awarded the Travellanda Business Fund

Travellanda - Online B2B Hotel WholesalerLONDON, 04 November, 2016 – Travellanda announce the winner of its prestigious Business Support Fund to be Maing Fong, a travel agency based in Myanmar.

The Travellanda Business Support Fund was created to help businesses further develop their online presence and to provide support and assistance with finances and technology. Many companies around the world struggle to convert their traditional business to an e-commerce online business. With Travellanda’s wealth of experience in developing state of the art technology it is in a perfect position to help others succeed.

There were hundreds of applications from companies from all corners of the globe, but after much deliberation, the team behind the fund were able to select one lucky travel agent.

“It was a very long process trying to shortlist the candidates. We went through each and every application one by one to try and find the best match.” Explained Arzu Sutcu, Head of Online at Travellanda.

The criteria was to find a business that is in need of technology, but had the potential to make a positive impact in their field. Finally, after many discussions with the candidates, Travellanda decided to award the fund to Maing Fong, a travel agent with ambition and dedication to the industry.

Arzu went on to say: “Travellanda is very excited to appoint our exclusive GSA in Myanmar. Maing Fong has had impressive results and such an energy to develop an online business in Myanmar. The excellent reputation of Maing Fong goes beyond the borders of Myanmar so we are honoured to associate our brand with them. As a GSA we will work closely and bring changes in the Market to make Travellanda Myanmar a Key player in the region”

Travellanda will be working very close in providing all the relevant support and technology that Maing Fong needs foresees a strong partnership together moving forward.

Mr Lin Myat Tun, CEO of Maing Fong said: “We are delighted to have won this award and would like to thank Travellanda for this opportunity. With their help we are excited to launch our online business and are looking forward to developing a long term relationship with Travellanda.”

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