How to Build an Online B2B Travel Business

How to Build an Online B2B Travel Business

The travel & tourism industry is worth over $7tr to the global economy. Of which almost $500bn is revenue generated from hotels worldwide. The travel industry is enormous and for these reasons businesses and entrepreneurs from across the globe try to take a piece of the pie.

The industry is constantly growing and as emerging markets achieve improved economies, we start to see new travellers added to the pot. It’s as if humans instinctively yearn to discover new destinations and broaden one’s horizon.

History of the Travel Industry

It all started way back in 1841 when a gentleman by the name of Thomas Cook started the world’s first modern travel company. Since then, a lot has changed and the way business is done is completely different. Generally, most companies do business online. This article will describe exactly how you can set up your own Online B2B Travel Business in no time at all.

What is an Online B2B Travel Company?

Most of you should know that B2B stands for ‘Business to business’. What this means, is that you sell products or services to other businesses – as opposed to the end consumer. In a very brief description, an Online B2B Travel Company is a business which sells travel products to other companies. Mostly, B2B wholesalers will do business with Travel Agents and Tour Operators, who then go on to sell your product to the end customer.

In this article, we will be showing you exactly how you can become a B2B Accommodation Wholesaler. By the time you finish, you will have the tools and technology to provide other companies with hotel rooms at competitive wholesale rates. You will have the ability to do business with Travel Agents and Tour Operators without any previous technical knowledge or skills. In three simple steps you can start making money.

Step One. Sign up to the Travellanda White Label Solution:

Travellanda provide an out-of-the-box solution which gives you access to over 200,000 hotels worldwide, all with competitive wholesale rates. All you have to do is visit the signup page here. Complete the registration form and someone from the sales team will get in touch with you within a couple of days. You don’t even need your own website. Travellanda can either provide you with the necessary templates and code, or even a fully functional website ready made for you.

Step Two. Customise your new Online B2B Booking System:

The white label system provided will be a copy of the original Travellanda system. You will have the opportunity to customise it with your own logo and future clients will know it is your company. In addition, your logo will be used on all hotel booking vouchers that are sent to the client when reservations are made.

Step Three. Start marketing your new business:

By now, your business is all set up. All you need to do is arrange your credit terms and you can start selling straight away. It is that simple.

Travellanda has spent years developing and improving its system to make life easy for you. Get in touch today so that you can start building your new travel company straight away.

Click here to register now

If you have any questions related to the Travellanda White Label Solution, or any other products, please contact us or write in the comments section below.

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  • How dose whitelable works
    Can you please explain me
    Tell me the total cost of white lable

    • Hi Parveen,

      Many thanks for your comment. We are happy to explain everything you need to know about our White Label Solution. It is quite a lot to explain here in the comments section, so I will get someone in our team to get in touch with you to the email address you gave to leave this comment. Please expect someone to get back to you after the weekend, but if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

      • Hi Travellanda Team,

        I like to also know about White Label System.
        Are the rates offered on White Label commissionable or Nett ?
        Please do provide more info regarding this.

        • Hi W.S.L.Perera,

          Many thanks for getting in touch regarding our B2B Accommodation White Label Solution. Regarding your question, Travellanda works on a nett rate basis. We will provide you with nett rates and you will add your margin.

      • Please tell me the cost of whitelable from which can be published on my website
        You may also all me +91-9992866333
        Thanking You



    • Hi Samuel,
      Many thanks for your comment. Sure, I am happy to help. The difference between the three are as follows;
      The Online Hotel Booking System, is our own system which partners can login and book hotels for their clients.
      The White Label System provides our partners with a very similar system which they can brand with their own logo and then build up their own client base.
      The XML solution, is where our clients pull a feed of our hotels directly into their website.
      If you would like further clarification, please feel free to contact our sales team for more information via email to

  • More details about cost and information

  • Hi, sounds interesting. I am from Mauritius. Can you kindly send details with regards to your services, options available, costs etc. I have my email registered. Thanks

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  • HI,
    Many thanks for sharing, it is great for the new travel agent like us, i just consider how could yo make money in this case?, do you get % fees or commission every successful booking like the Guide advisor web?
    could you give us more detail ? i would happy to have someone from your company contacted with for further discussion.
    thank you

    • Hi Duke,
      I can certainly get someone from our team to get in touch with you with more details about how Travel Agents can use our B2B White Label system to make money. You should hear from someone within the next few days. But essentially, we provide nett rates and you would add your markup. This white label system gives you the flexibility to control your business.
      We will be in touch soon to help answer any other questions.

  • Good day can you use this system to build a travel club business?

    • Hi Yvonne,
      It could be possible to use this system as a travel club business. the Travellanda White Label System will provide you with a ready made website which you can create user accounts for all clients/members. It will then be up to you how you manage the members, but it should be possible depending on how you plan to set it up.

  • HI

  • IYER parthasarathy

    dear tem
    need to know further about white label and xml integeration/web page
    a travel agent from riyadh

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