Papua New Guinea


Did you know?

  • The capital city of Papua New Guinea is Port Moresby
  • The country/island is shared with Indonesia, making it one of the largest islands worldwide
  • Papa New Guinea comes under one of the few nations that experience snowfall on its mountains although lying very close to the equator
  • It became an independent state after being ruled by the UK government


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Papua New Guinea Regions

Papua New Guinea Regions

Major Cities

Port Moresby, Lae, Kimbe, Alotau, Buka

Culture / Customes

The “wantok system”: Means “one talk” or can be also referred to as “same family”. In business terms more than one wantok have to help eachother out

The nations independence was confirmed earning the title of “The Territory of Papua and New Guinea” placing it under the International Trusteeship System.

It is culture to share criticism amoung other colleagues instead of face to face

Papa New Guinea’s economy is blossoming in regards to the markets in Australia and New Zealand


PNG Visa – Single Entry for up to 30 days – Multiple Entry for up to 60 days over the year (can be obtained upon arrival)

Special Attributes / Uniqueness

Papa New Guinea’s natural resources include gold, oil, gas, copper and silver in addition to wide range of fertile land

As mentioned above the nation’s primary economy is cash-crop agriculture where Australia is the main trading partner

Today the population is estimated at 7.5 million with the most esthnically diverse countries worldwide, having over 850 local languages

Regarding the economy this nation is filled with natural resources with huge areas of natural ecosystems and biodiversity

National Festivals

  • Mount Hagen Show
  • Hiri Moale Festival
  • Papua New Guinea Arts and Cultural Festival
  • Tumbuan Mask Festival
  • Goroka Show



Current weather

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Papa New Guinea Islands

Papa New Guinea Islands

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