How Dubai has become an International Business Hub


It is amazing for us to see how Dubai developed from a small trading and fishing town, into one of the largest business hubs in the world. Economically, this city has been very successful long before it became the Dubai as we know it now. But how could this have gone unnoticed?

Dubai has a really good strategic location which is on the crossroads of international business between Europe, Asia and Africa. It has caught the attention of many major companies looking for an ideal place to settle some of their businesses, due to the state of the art infrastructure that has boosted international trade, finance, logistics, leisure and retail as well as tourism. The fact that it also invests much of their capital on transport and industry infrastructure has captured the attention of international business trade.

Dubai Transport

Having several different industrial zones consisting of business parks, world-class sea ports, a major international airport, a modern motorway network, the Dubai Metro and many more which all serve this city with efficiency, reliability and most of all cost deduction.

Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport competes with London Heathrow, Hong Kong, and Paris as one of the world’s elite airports dealing with 70.4 million passengers in 2014 and is by far the most improved airport in the world, and they are pulling the airline Emirates with them advancing to the top 10 list is most successful airliners worldwide, as well as their air cargo traffic which globally ranks in 6th place.

Jebel Ali Port

The port in Jebel Ali is ranked as the biggest container port found outside the MEASA region and under the top 10 busiest in the world. If one where to calculate the total unloaded cargo from two of the busiest ports in the USA (Los Angeles and Long Beach), then it would roughly add up the unloaded cargo of that in Dubai’s Jebel Ali Port.

Expo 2020

In 2020 the UAE will hold the World Expo in Dubai. It is known to be one the biggest events in history and Dubai will take advantage of using the Golden Jubilee celebration leverage its position on the global market with demonstrating its progressive and sustainable vision for the future decades.

The Expo 2020 from October 2020 until April 2021 where the year 2021 will the UAE’s 50th Anniversary for Golden Jubilee celebrations.

During this time the Expo 2020 will attract over 30,000 international volunteers will be a golden opportunity for job seekers in the region.


Doing business in Dubai can present you with endless opportunities as it is one of the most lavish vacation spots worldwide. Where else can you spend the rest of your time on the beach, going indoor skiing, flying over Dubai with a seaplane, checking out the view from the world’s tallest building and trying something new like dune bashing in the desert with a 4×4 after an important business meeting.

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