Business or Pleasure?

…which make up thousands of individual function rooms which are especially designed to meet and exceed every demand of the business traveller.

Las Vegas is ranked on number 3 on the ‘Cvent’s Top 50 Meeting Destinations in the United States.’

(Cvent has reviewed more than 5,000 cities based on annual booking activity and number business related venues)

Vegas Hotels

The choice is endless, with a total of 150,000 rooms available in the most elite state of the art hotels in the world. All the luxury hotels for business are located in the heart of Las Vegas. With world class facilities and service, they all project their own unique personality. We have identified a list of one of the best suited hotels in Las Vegas for the business traveller.

These hand-picked hotels will all provide you with impeccable service to ensure that you are comfortable working outside the office. This includes:

* high-speed Wi-Fi connection

* a working 24 hour business centre

* conference rooms which are always maintained

* any kind of transport available at your disposal.

Here are some of the top business hotels in Las Vegas:

1. The Venetian Resort
Guest Rooms: 4,027 ; Number of Meeting Rooms: 50+ ; Largest Meeting Space: 8,500 sq. ft.

2. Trump International Hotel
Guest Rooms: 1,282 ; Number of Meeting Rooms: 6 ; Largest Meeting Space: 1,150 sq. ft.

3. Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel
Guest Rooms: 548 ; Number of Meeting Rooms: 14 ; Largest Meeting Space: 2,000 sq. ft.

4. Marriott Suites Las Vegas
Guest Rooms: 296 ; Number of Meeting Rooms: 9 ; Largest Meeting Space: 235 sq. ft.

5. Wynn Las Vegas
Guest Rooms: 2,700 ; Number of Meeting Rooms: 18 ; Largest Meeting Space: sq. ft.

6. Delano Las Vegas
Guest Rooms: 1,100 ; Number of Meeting Rooms: 31 ; Largest Meeting Space: 1,200 sq. ft.

7. Embassy Suites Convention Centre Las Vegas
Guest Rooms: 286 ; Number of Meeting Rooms: 15+ ; Largest Meeting Space: 3,184 sq. ft.

8. Westgate Las Vegas Resort
Guest Rooms: 2956 ; Number of Meeting Rooms: 14 ; Largest Meeting Space: 812 sq. ft.

9. The Westin Las Vegas Hotel
Guest Rooms: 826 ; Number of Meeting Rooms: 15 ; Largest Meeting Space: 6,700 sq. ft.

Convention centres in Vegas
Las Vegas ConventionCenter
Vegas will provide you with the greatest convention and meeting experiences you have ever dreamed of planning. In total over 22000 conventions and meetings were held in the previous year.

Vegas for Business
Las Vegas for Business
Las Vegas alone is the reason why there is such a high attendance rate in conventions and meetings. Studies have revealed that people spend more time in meetings or trade shows just because it is taking place in Vegas.

McCarran International Airport
McCarran International Airport
The international airport is only a 15 minute drive away from 150,000 rooms, and can be reached by cab, limousine, tram or monorail. You can also find more than enough rental car companies, which will only be useful when doing business away from the main Strip or Downtown.

What about the weather?
You can’t really demand anything more with 320 days of sunshine. Is this not a perfect climate to have any business? Much of this however will depend on the season.

Max. temp. Min. temp.

Spring 21 10

Summer 40 25

Autumn/Fall 28 19

Winter 17 1

Eating out
Clearly this city will attract some of the best chefs in the world. Not only are there the finest restaurants in the world, but also the best all-you-can-eat buffets. There is no reason why a celebrity chef should not have opened a restaurant here. You will not find a cuisine that is missing there.

Getting around
You can really just walk from one major hotel or attraction to another. Everything is so close to each other and its infrastructure is designed to be pedestrian friendly. All the transportation you really need is maybe a stretch limousine to arrive in style.

In need of a convention? Or meeting?
Las Vegas officially ranks on the number 1 destination that everyone prefers. Here why?

* Not expensive to get here

* The best selection of hotels

* Always enough available rooms

* Awesome nightlife

* No need for a rental car

* …its Vegas, come on!

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